Seven Wonders / Single Stages

We know, it's a big challenge.

We give you the opportunity to do just one single stage, choose your favorite and let's go ¡¡¡ and push your limits ¡¡¡

Ride the very best of Catalunya cycling routes and the most famous areas, Costa Brava, Montserrat, Girona/Els Angels, Rocacorba/Mare de Deu del Mont.

Fully guided, ride anyone of these amazing endurance routes.

Just one stage of the top 7 wonders ¡¡¡¡   Ask for the availability.


1-  Costa Brava                                                       136km, 1800m ascent.

2-  Rupit / Santuari del Far                                  170km, 2900m ascent.

3- Sant Miquel del Fai / Collformic                    195km, 2300m ascent.

4- Montserrat                                                          205km, 3100m ascent.

5- Girona / Els Angels                                            170km, 2500m ascent.

6- Rocacorba / Mare de Deu del Mont              135km, 2100m ascent.

7- Turo de l'Home / Montseny                            146km, 2500m ascent.


The single version are longest than the packages version ¡¡¡¡

Ask for availability, Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Prices: 1 person 150€, - 2 persons 130€ each, - 3/4 pers. 120€, - 5/6 pers. 90€ each.

In the price are included the Transfers to the start point or the pick up and from 3 people we go also with a back up vehicle.

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